#TBT Thanks to an Old Rolodex

I try to find business cards anywhere I can. One of my previous blog posts even talks in-depth about that. This time, it was my mother who got to an office at her job just in time since they were cleaning out someone’s closet when they came across an old rolodex. I imagine it would look something like this:

Old Rolodex

Business CardsShe was nice enough to peel each of the business cards on this old rolodex off to add to my collection. I would assume to not have any of them since they were all from connections I couldn’t have possibly made. Some of them were quite old.


Since my mother lives (and works) on Long Island, many of the cards were from companies there. Before 1999, Long Island only had the 516 area code (similar to NYC having only the 212 area code). Suffolk County (where I lived) then received a new area code: 631.

North Amityville is in Suffolk and seeing a 516 # on a business card in that town is a rarity and you can tell it’s old.

Long Island Lithographers

This is the backside of the Tritone division of Long Island Lithographers business card. You can starting telling it’s really old by seeing a CompuServe Internet email address. And a modem phone number.

Burke Supply Company

This Burke Supply Company business card is a little less old, but it has a beeper #. Who (outside of doctors) uses a beeper anymore?

There were many other old business cards in here, but this was just a sample of them.

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