Throwback: Myspace and Its Cool Social Media Business Card

Old Myspace Business CardSocial media has such an impact on life nowadays and Myspace is a long distant memory when thinking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms I don’t use. Because I do some social media as a part of my job and I have the business card, I wanted to reminiscence.

I used Myspace before the days of Facebook up until I met my wife in 2009 to interact with friends and meet women, both of which I was successful at. I eventually abandoned Myspace because I didn’t need to meet women and the fact that none of my friends used it anymore.

I heard the news that Justin Timberlake bought Myspace & it’s now a music hub. I get my music from YouTube, but that’s just me… and a lot of other people around the world. Myspace may be irrelevant to my life and a lot of other people’s, but one thing does ring true though: Myspace is still more relevant than Google+.

I also wanted to share this because of the business card itself. I got it way back when from Lesley, who happens to (technically still) be my stepsister-in-law whom I don’t speak with for one simple, but complicated reason I don’t want to blog about. We never really spoke except briefly at family functions anyhow… but I’m going down a rabbit hole for someone who doesn’t hold a grudge with her.

The business card shows the Myspace of old, back when we remember using it. You got your name at the top, a personalized quote and other personal info like your interests and contact info. It’s a cool little piece of history and that’s why it’s one of my favorite cards.

Hey, it even says you’re Online Now! No, you’re not on Myspace now… liar. Unless she still works there, I have no idea.

Business Card Count: 32,716

Throwback: The Interesting Business Card of David Naster

David NasterIt’s the holiday season, so sometimes we like to remember the good old days. Getting presents under the tree as a child. Seeing Santa and thinking he was real. Today, I’m looking back on one of the most interesting business cards I’ve ever received.

It’s for David Naster who does (or perhaps at this point did) business in Lenexa, Kansas. I don’t even know how to instinctively write out the state abbreviation KS. This was one of my earliest cards and I’ve always kept it in my mind because of the witty (Remember that name in your will) line on the card itself.

Not a title, not a clue as to who he is. So why should I put that name in my will? Not that I have one yet, but I have that taken care of for now. But I digress.

Who exactly is David Naster? I did a quick Google search to find out and it turns out that he’s a comedian/speaker, which explains the witty one-liner on the business card. He also wrote some books on how to use comedy & laughter as therapy. I went to his website and he seems like a pretty intriguing guy that I’d definitely be interested in having a meal with if the opportunity came up.

Not intriguing enough to leave anything in my will however. Sorry to disappoint Mr. Naster.

Business Card Count: 31,730

My Memories of My Trip to Paris

This past Friday, the city of Paris fell victim to terror attacks. My thoughts go out to all who were personally affected by any of these attacks.

Seeing all of the negativity about the attacks and America’s response to it on Facebook baffles me. I’ve been to Paris before and it’s a wonderful city. With that being said, I wanted to talk a little bit about my (probably) once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris when I was studying abroad.

Hotel Liege StrasbourgThe year was 2005 and it was in October when I got a 10-day break in between my internship/classes. A lot of the other students I met planned to travel, so I did the same. One of the destinations I wanted to see was Paris.

I wound up staying at Hotel Liege Strasbourg since it was affordable and pretty close to the center of the city. I shockingly even watched a little wrestling (which was months old) when I came back from being out at night.

I experienced much of Paris when I went:

  • My first taste of escargot: of course, I had to have a French staple when I was there… I tasted a lot of other food as well
  • Going to the Louvre: I’m a big art fan and seeing a lot of these historical art pieces (some thousands of years old) was amazing. Not as amazing as the huge line at the Mona Lisa, where it was about 50 feet away and you couldn’t take a good look or take a picture
  • Climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower: another tourist attraction, but the view from up there was amazing
  • Seeing other historic landmarks: I saw Arc de Triomphe, Pont de Grenelle (a smaller version of the US’s Statue of Liberty that was a gift from the French) & others as I took a boat ride on the Siene
  • The Metro: the Paris subway system was quite dirty as I was told… not like the Berlin song at all

It was the first city outside of London that I saw during my time studying in Europe. It was a beautiful city overall and I didn’t run into the rudeness that Americans usually associate with France.

I got other business cards during my time in Paris, but I don’t feel like looking through my collection to retrieve them. Maybe later.

Business Card Count: 31,167

Throwback: The Case of the Dr. Fagelman Assault

Today’s throwback business card is a little different than the others. It’s not actually promoting a business, but rather a YouTube video that a woman wants to go viral that she published in 2012.

I actually found this business card on a newspaper stand in New York City back when I took my wife out for our 5th dating anniversary at Max Brenner (a year and a half after this video’s publishing). When I first picked up this business card, I wasn’t sure what to make of it since I had never seen a card that was a gateway into Googling something, seeing something on YouTube & reading criminal reports online.

Dr Andrew FagelmanDr Fagelman Assault

Both sides of this card tell a very interesting story. The woman who printed this business card, Suzannah B. Troy, is claiming that Delita Hooks (who works for Dr Andrew Fagelman) assaulted her. I’m not sure why this crusade is called Dr Fagelman assault, but it also speaks to police corruption and demands that I seek out proof of this accusation.

Fine business card, I’ll do as you say. Let’s go to the videotape.

This tells an interesting story. You start off in the middle of the action when Suzannah turns on her camera phone and demands that Delita that does something again. Delita tells Suzannah to leave and appears to swat at her, prompting the assault accusation. More words are exchanged and eventually the camera starts shaking and many bumps & other sounds are heard.

At the 25-26 second mark, an annotation pops up that says, “Dr Fagelman’s receptionist came out from behind a long closed off reception desk to continue violating my patient rights. First, she provoked me to get help and when I couldn’t get Dr Vine, Delita Hooks provoked me giving me the finger to start filming…”

I’m not diving into the whole police report or anything else besides watching the video because a) that’s the main point of evidence and b) I don’t have the time or desire to.

I can clearly see that there’s something not right with the whole situation. On the one hand, it’s clear that Delita hits Suzannah at least once and proceeded to take her shoes off & one coworker (I assume) says, “Dee, don’t,” before the camera goes sideways.

On the other hand, why provoke a situation further by whipping out your smartphone and making demands? All that does is escalate things and perhaps a physical assault wouldn’t have occurred if technology wasn’t so easily accessible to start filming people without their consent.

I don’t know what happened before the footage began taping at Dr Andrew Fagelman’s office, but I doubt that it justifies physical violence. The 2 big takeaways from this business card (doesn’t that sound like a weird statement?) are:

  1. Don’t physically attack people. (verbally attacking them isn’t nice either)
  2. Don’t tape people without their permission.

I hope Suzannah finds the justice she’s looking for since any form of assault is wrong.

Business Card Count: 31,143

Throwback: The Adopting Couple Business Card

Adoption Business CardI can’t even remember when I got this unusual business card when visiting or possibly living on Long Island. It had to be 7-8 years ago. It’s of an actual couple who wants to adopt a child.

I’ve never seen a card like this before or since getting it. I guess Michelle and Greg tried every approach to getting a baby, whether it was through conventional means or by hitting the streets. I don’t know these people at all, so I’m not passing any type of judgment on them.

I also don’t know what types of other expenses or roadblocks that come with adopting a child. Nor do I know them for someone trying to give up a baby for adoption. So perhaps this is a great alternative to going through a lot of the hurdles with the adoption process.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if this couple was able to find a child. I Googled the email address and got to a site that’s no longer up. I eventually did some digging with the toll-free number (which is a little weird to have) and it turns out they have a GoFundMe.

It hasn’t been donated to in a while, so either they are no longer looking or found a way to get a child. Unfortunately, my Googling can only do so much. Either way, it’s still an interesting business card.

Tracy and Jason Adopt

Update as of 1/1/2018I found another business card that a couple made who were/are looking to adopt a baby named Tracy and Jason. I checked their website and it is down as well, but they still have a Facebook page that is semi-active.

They also have a toll-free phone number, which again is a bit weird to have but I guess they don’t want to risk getting their identity stolen or want to stay semi-anonymous in case people want to do an anonymous adoption.

I didn’t know that adoption business cards were a thing, but I’ve found 2 of them in my lifetime. But I understand it with a new perspective of dating someone who has 2 children who I love as much as I love her and enjoy sharing love with & being a role model to every day.

Business Card Count: 31,052

Throwback: When I Knocked on the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Door

Jehovah WitnessesI was going to write about the business cards I got in Wildwood, but I got a grand total of 1 and that’s only because it was attached to a menu my sister got. We also went to Atlantic City, but I only picked up 3 business cards off the ground. Womp womp.

In celebration of all the walking around I did over the weekend, I wanted to talk about the time I “knocked on the door” of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It was during my unemployment that I’ve blogged about after an interview in Manhattan. I was hot and sweaty Jehovah's Witnesseswalking around the city in a suit. I was looking forward to getting a smoothie and going home.

I had my iPod on since that’s what I do when I walk around the city. Until I lost it and replaced that with watching videos on my smartphone. But I digress.

As I walked into Penn Station, I saw a table set up with a bunch of Jehovah’s Witness paraphernalia and saw the business card. In one swoop, I snagged the business card and all I heard from the Jehovah’s Witness was “Hello.” and “Have a good day.”

I wanted that smoothie and savored it.

Business Card Count: 30,845

Throwback: A Business Card With a Sample

I feel like a business card is a potential first impression that a customer can get if they don’t know you already and you either give it out at an event or if you put them in the public’s eye on a bulletin board or the like.

There are several ways that business cards can stand out from the pack. One of them is through attaching a sample of work to the card itself.

Steve Solop

I think this is a brilliant move to do, especially for the industry that he’s in. And all he (probably) had to do was repurpose fabric scraps he wasn’t going to use anyway.

Usually, the business card is attached to a brochure or a pamphlet explaining more. Those are always my least favorite since I have to remove the staple by hand

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen attached to a business card? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,715

#TBT Thanks to an Old Rolodex

I try to find business cards anywhere I can. One of my previous blog posts even talks in-depth about that. This time, it was my mother who got to an office at her job just in time since they were cleaning out someone’s closet when they came across an old rolodex. I imagine it would look something like this:

Old Rolodex

Business CardsShe was nice enough to peel each of the business cards on this old rolodex off to add to my collection. I would assume to not have any of them since they were all from connections I couldn’t have possibly made. Some of them were quite old.


Since my mother lives (and works) on Long Island, many of the cards were from companies there. Before 1999, Long Island only had the 516 area code (similar to NYC having only the 212 area code). Suffolk County (where I lived) then received a new area code: 631.

North Amityville is in Suffolk and seeing a 516 # on a business card in that town is a rarity and you can tell it’s old.

Long Island Lithographers

This is the backside of the Tritone division of Long Island Lithographers business card. You can starting telling it’s really old by seeing a CompuServe Internet email address. And a modem phone number.

Burke Supply Company

This Burke Supply Company business card is a little less old, but it has a beeper #. Who (outside of doctors) uses a beeper anymore?

There were many other old business cards in here, but this was just a sample of them.

#TBT Business Card: St. Charles Memorials

St Charles Memorials

I’ve decided to throw back to a business card I got a while ago because I was organizing my collection and noticed a difference between the ones with a website and ones made before the Internet existed. Rather, before the Internet was prevalent.

However, you can tell this one is really old by the phone number on it. Bayside 9-8047; now that’s old. I also like how there isn’t an address on it, but a cross street and an exit off the parkway. There wasn’t any Google Maps back in those times.

You can’t tell from the photo (maybe you can), but the texture is much thicker than a normal business card and the edges even have a vintage feel.

This isn’t a long blog, but it’s going to serve as an introduction to a new category of #TBT blog posts. I’ll be telling stories about interesting things that have happened to me in the past with the old business cards from the places they occurred.